Anaglyph (2016-2020)

Anaglyph is a binaural spatialization plugin based on research conducted at the LAM-CNRS (IJLRA, Sorbonne University), with participation by the Dyson School of Design Engineering (Imperial College of London). I had the privilege to implement all that good work into a neat little freeware plugin using the JUCE framework.

Project website

Showcase of the Anaglyph plugin (wear headphones)

Introduction to binaural created with the finished VST (wear headphones)

Emily's world radio fiction

A short radio fiction created in collaboration with Lucie Hardoin to showcase Anaglyph capabilities.

Emily's world presentation at AES (Vienna 2020)

Bloober collaboration

The plugin was used to create static binaural renderings in two titles of the Bloober team game studio: Layers of Fear 2 and Blair Witch.