Evaa (2019)

The objective of the EVAA project is to assess the impact of room acoustics on musicians interpretation throughout the ages. Ahead: modelisation of virtual environments, room acoustic simulations, measurement of instruments directivity, and archaeoacoustics.

EVAA website

Project kickoff illustration (Blender Cycles rendering + background photo)

Preparing the room: real-time adaptive visual rendering

The objective was to adapt the VR room of the lab (“MocapVR”) so that it could be used to immerse musicians into virtual rooms, providing a visual context to support the auralisations. We used the UniCAVE Unity plugin for the adaptive rendering, along with a trick I learned during the BlenderVR project, using a proxy scene to pre-distort the image for projection from a single projector onto multiple, non-orthogonal, screens.

Setup of the MiniCAVE in MocapVR

Preparing the room: real-time adaptive audio rendering

work in progress..