Sorbonne University (M2, 2020 - WIP)

Explore the principles and techniques of virtual and augmented reality. Learn the main properties of human sensory modalities and the principles of the sensory-motor loop involved when interacting with the physical and virtual worlds. Identify technological interfaces and displays used for human-machine interaction. Understand the models and algorithms used for the interactive and real-time multi-modal rendering of the virtual scene. Course website and Master website.

Learning Planet Institute (M2, 2021-2022)

Introduction to the fundamentals of virtual and augmented reality. Review the current state of the art, hot research topics and trends in the industry. Learn to develop Unity applications and games. Understand the workflow behind the creation of a virtual or augmented reality application. Create one such application from scratch. Learning planet institute website.

Orsay IUT (M2 2014-2015)

Understand the various elements required to create a game. Study the perceptual and physical mechanisms behind 3D visual and audio perception. Design, prototype and develop your own game using either Unity of the Blender Game Engine. Learn how to spatialise sound and create realistic room acoustics integrated into your game. IUT website.