(Intl. Conf. and Journals)

Virtual Reality, 3D Sound, and Room Acoustics (2016-2017)

  • B. F.G. Katz, B. N. J. Postma, D. Poirier-Quinot, and J. Meyer, “Experience with a virtual reality auralization of Notre-Dame Cathedral”, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 2017. [ref]

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  • L. Picinali, A. Wallin, Y. Levtov, and D. Poirier-Quinot, “An Open-Source Audio Renderer for 3D Audio with Hearing Loss and hearing Aid Simulations”, AES 2017. [pdf]

  • M. Cuevas-Rodríguez, D. González-Toledo, E. de La Rubia-Cuestas, C. Garre, L. Molina-Tanco, A. Reyes-Lecuona, D. Poirier-Quinot, and L. Picinali, “The 3D Tune-In Toolkit: an open-source C++ library for audio spatialization and simulation of hearing loss and hearing aids”, AES 2017. [ref]

  • D. Poirier-Quinot, B. Matuszewski, N. Schnell, and O. Warusfel, “Nü Soundworks: Using spectators smartphones as a distributed network of speakers and sensors during live performances.”, Web Audio Conference 2017. [pdf]

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  • B. N. J. Postma, D. Poirier-Quinot, J. Meyer, and B. F.G. Katz, “Virtual Reality Performance Auralization in a Calibrated Model of Notre-Dame Cathedral”, Euroregio Conference 2016. [pdf]

Virtual Reality, Sonification, and Virtual Prototyping (2012-2016)

  • D. Poirier-Quinot, G. Parseihian, and B. F.G. Katz, “Comparative study on the effect of Parameter Mapping Sonification on perceived instabilities, efficiency, and accuracy in real-time interactive exploration of noisy data streams”, Displays, May 2016. [ref]

  • D. Poirier-Quinot, “Design of a Radio Direction Finder for Search and Rescue Operations: Estimation, Sonification, and Virtual Prototyping”, PhD Thesis, May 2015. [pdf]

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Signal Processing (2012)

  • D. Poirier-Quinot, P. Duvaut, L. Girardeau, and B. F.G. Katz, “3D Head-mounted antenna array architecture optimization based on the Fisher Information Matrix”, International Conference on Ultra Modern Telecommunications (ICUMT), St. Petersburg, pp. 135-142, Oct. 2012.  [pdf]