Roaming the Web

Useful and/or interesting links, libraries, etc. encountered while roaming the world wide web

3D Audio

  • A. Politis Github, where one can find some neat libraries of Matlab functions for 3D sound simulation: Ambisonic Encoding, Spherical-Harmonic-Transform, Vector-Based-Amplitude-Panning, Array Response Simulator, etc.
  • Listening to what games using A3D (3D audio plugin) were capable of in the mid 90’s makes me wonder what has truly been achieved since then..

3D Graphics


Harry Potter and the methods of rationality

A fan-fiction written by a researcher in artificial intelligence, re-inventing Potter’s story based on the one hypothesis that Harry is a rationalist. Great on it’s own, grand if you liked the original novels. (I’d advise to go for the audiobook version).


The superbe adventure of Taylor Hebert, a recently empowered bug-controlling teenager, with whom I undergone what afterwards feels like a lifetime of ups and downs through saving asses and world altogether. The audiobook version is truly worth it: realized by fans, low quality (be it technical or otherwise) for a rare few chapters, brilliant otherwise.