CoSiMa (2017)

Assets Formation Web Audio IRCAM 13-15 03/2018

The CoSiMa project, short for Collaborative Situated Media, was a 3 years ANR project. I, as an IRCAM researcher, was set to explore what one could achieve with a distributed network of smartphones coupled with the newly standardized Web Audio API.

CoSiMa Website

Most noteworthy sub-projects I was involved in: JSAmbisonics and Nü Soundworks. The former is a suite of JavaScript encoding and decoding tools for web based Ambisonic rendering (live demo link on project page). As for Nü, see for yourself:


During this project, I had the opportunity to work with Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch on 2 installations part of his “Audio Proxemic Fields” residence: Studio, presented during the IRCAM Forum in March 2017 (see video below), and Square, presented during the 2017 Manifest Festival. Square is a web based install around the Stravinsky Place in Paris: simply connect your device to, plug your headphones, and enjoy.

Proxemic Fields residence: kick-off presentation

Studio: behind the scene interview


Studio: pre-install presentation

Studio: installation preview


Square at Manifest 2017


Healthy working environment

Finally, I had the opportunity to endorse my code Guru outfit (that's really how it felt :) for the 2 weeks workshop between ESBA school audio design students and la Maison de la radio. The two proof of concept designed then were web-audio based, focused on spatial audio and BLE-beacon based location. I'll try to upload them here someday.

Workshop @ Maison de la radio

Ⓒ Cyrielle Fiolet

Github repositories related to the CoSiMa project:
IRCAM CoSiMa, Collective Soundworks, Collective Soundworks Workshops, ServeSofaFIR, binauralFIR.