Evertims (2015 - 2021)

The Evertims project history goes back to early 2008. After a few publications, it's been dormant for nearly a decade before we decided to pull together a few hours of discussions and developments to give it the shine it deserves (or at least step in that direction). It's objective was, and still is, to provide an open source framework for room acoustics in architectural design and Virtual Reality. The core raytracing client and its companion auralization engine are now handled through a Blender add-on, to be used for on-the-fly auralization in virtual room design.

Evertims website

Evertims: demo of the version 0.1

Evertims: demo of the version 0.3

Evertims workflow presentation @ IRCAM with Thibaut Carpentier

Other auralization / spatialization softwares:

Far from an exhaustive list, only a rought listing of things I found concerning spatialization and/or room acoustic auralization while roaming the web:

Open source room acoustic simulation:
Commercial room acoustic simulation:
Spatialization (first aim is not room simulation):
  • Jocavi: online room acoustic parameters simulation