Small Devs – Sneak Peek

Blender Cycles workout

(blender based cover of the largo EP from Satin Coco)


A Web Audio library for Ambisonic encoding / decoding on the web. My thanks to Archontis for lightening the pain of javascript devs with his efficiency and cheerfulness.

JSAmbisonic Github (live demo there)

Anaglyph Plugin – Binaural Spatialization

Available for download on the Anaglyph website. A binaural spatialization engine based on research conducted at LAM, LIMSI, and the Dyson School of Design Engineering (Imperial College of London) labs. Developments based on the JUCE framework.

Showcase of the Anaglyph plugin (wear headphones)


Introduction to binaural created with the finished VST (wear headphones)


Point Cloud in the Blender Game Engine

Point-cloud recording based on Kinect2 (based on libfreenect2). Real-time rendering in the blender game engine based on a glsl shader by Dalai Felinto (github), part of the Echo Project, devs directed by Brian F.G. Katz at LIMSI-CNRS. Original music, courtesy of Jeremie Poirier-Quinot (Youtube channel).


Still based on point-cloud recording, but with a calibrated room acoustic model. See it as a VR theatre, where one can assist to a given show in different theatre rooms (modifying both visual / acoustic rendering in real-time). (project website).


The Blob

This mini-game was born from an evening of idleness at home with my brother. Me finalizing a Blender project, him working on a music piece. After a coffee break we decided to dedicate the remaining hours of the day to what became “The Blob” (ok, some would say it does not deserve a name at that stage). More music @ Satin Coco’s Sound Cloud.